Can I record/play Macros in Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015?

Apparently macros were dropped from VS 2012.

Is there a plugin/extension/tool that will let me record & play keyboard macros (much like the record/play temporary macro in VS 2010)?

E.g. I typically would use a macro when converting code from one language to another or to quickly generate properties from a text list, etc.


In this version of Visual Studio, while there are literally hundreds of features, there are some we’ve actually taken out. One of those is the macros automation feature, including macro record/replay, macro projects and the Macros IDE. While we know that macros have been valuable for those who use them, unfortunately our usage data shows that less than 1% of Visual Studio developers take advantage of this feature. Therefore, we’ve found ourselves investing more deeply in the Visual Studio areas that get used every day, and have not updated macros for several releases.


What I have started to do to get around this (although inconvenient) is to cut/paste into Notepad++, record and run the macro there and then cut/paste it back into VS2012.

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