Getting x,y in 3d coordinate system from 2d image pixel

Using camera with fixed position I have to track an object in motion and to localize it in some pre chosen coordinate system. Idea is to put a specific color marker on the top of the object with known height, so the Z coordinate will be known. After color tracking is done, I need to find out the X and Y from u and v image coordinates where the color is found. I have already done camera calibration and I'm planning to use cv::solvePnP to get rotation and translation vector. Also, I have learned about color tracking here and wrote a C++ api from it.

I have already found a similar question here and learned a lot from it, but the difference is that I only need to evaluate X and Y, since the Z coordinate is known (measured before). How can I get those X and Y coordinates with pre specified Z? Thanks for help!


Since you have calibrated (i presume on z=0) you can go from pixel to rw coordinates using the camera, translation and rotation matrices.

  1. You find a point you want to know the rw coordinates of. (the color marker)
  2. You lookup the x and y coordinate of this point (assuming z=0)
  3. You calculate the angles in x and y (in relation to the principle point)
  4. You use these angles to calculate what x and y would be at z=objectHeight

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