Port sharing in net tcp binding service

I have a site which uses nettcp binding service which is opened at port Number 808.

Now I have created one more website which uses nettcp binding at port number 808 only.

<endpoint address="net.tcp://ded3.demo.com:808/FileTransfer.svc">
<servicePrincipalName value="host/M04.ROUP.local" />

But the problem is whenever I run from the client ,the first service is getting called.

Please let me know how to give the correct endpoint address to call the corresponding services.


To handle this you'll need to turn on NetTCP Port Sharing. Open the services.msc, then find the Net.TCP Port Sharing Service, enable it, then turn it on. This should allow your IIS hosted tcp services to share the same port.

EDIT: Given that you're already running Net TCP PortSharing, you may be running into a limitation of IIS. You'll need to either set up both services under the same site (but seprate applications), or use different ports. Take a look at this question for some more information:

WCF net.tcp port sharing on IIS 7 / WAS

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