How to run specific test cases in GoogleTest

I am trying to write a function/method for my project, which will ask to user which all test cases are you going to run? It looks like below...,

         | on
         | on
.... on
         | on

So, now the challenge is while running the project it should prompt me what all test cases you would like to execute? If I select Test_Cases_1 and Test_Cases_N. Then it should execute these two test cases and should exclude all other from Test_Cases_2 to ..... In result window also I would like to see the results of Test_Cases_1 and Test_Cases_N.

So, if I will see the GoogleTest, there is a method called test_case_to_run_count(); But all the test cases are getting registered with Test_F() method. So, I did lots of analysis, but still did not find any solution. Please help me.


You could use advanced options to run Google tests.

To run only some unit tests you could use --gtest_filter=Test_Cases1* command line option with value which is regular expression. I think it will solve your problem.


Well, the question was how to run specific test cases. Integration of gtest with your GUI is another thing, which I can't really comment, because you didn't provide details of your approach. However I believe the following approach might be a good start:

  1. Get all testcases by running tests with --gtest_list_tests
  2. Parse this data into your GUI
  3. Select test cases you want ro run
  4. Run test executable with option --gtest_filter

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