Objective C : Assertion Failure when reading data from database

I am using the functions describes HERE to access an sqlite database. I am having issue with the function:

-(NSArray *)find:(NSString *)field from:(NSString *)table where:(NSString *)condition.

This function works well for when the condition is nil and when the condition is a string without any format or method; ie it works well when it is either of the following

NSArray *result = [[SQLiteManager singleton] find:@"field1,field2" from:@"tableName" where:nil];

NSArray *result = [[SQLiteManager singleton] find:@"field1,field2" from:@"tableName" where:@"field2=value"];

However, I have a condition that should read from a UITextField. for example

NSArray *result = [[SQLiteManager singleton] find:@"field1,field2" from:@"tableName" where:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"field3=%@",[textFieldName text]]];

Unfortunately, the code breaks when I try this giving me an Assertion Failure error. ANy reason why? Any help is greatly appreciated.


At the very least you probably want to put single quotes around your %@. Like this:

NSArray *result = [[SQLiteManager singleton] find:@"field1,field2"
 from:@"tableName" where:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"field3='%@'",
 [textFieldName text]]];

But in addition to that you may also want to escape the string.

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