Get all metadata schemas of a publication

I am quite new to Tridion core service so this might be a simple question. I want to get all metadata schemas by passing a publication ID. If some one has ever done this please reply.

Thanks in advance


Okay, here is an example. GetCoreServiceClient returns a SessionAwareCoreServiceClient with Impersonate already called for the correct user.

public static IdentifiableObjectData[] GetMetadataSchemas(string publicationId)
    using (var client = GetCoreServiceClient())
        var filter = new RepositoryItemsFilterData
            SchemaPurposes = new[] { SchemaPurpose.Metadata },
            Recursive = true,
            ShowNewItems = false,
            ItemTypes = new[] { ItemType.Schema }

        return client.GetList(publicationId, filter);

I will suggest you to look sample code from [here][1](Login required) and try your self first.


or try this.

RepositoryItemsFilterData filterData = new RepositoryItemsFilterData();
filterData.ItemTypes = new[]
filterData.Recursive = true;
XElement resultXml = client.GetListXml(publicationId, filterData);

And then you need to create each schema object after getting ids from above xml and check whether it is metadata schema.

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