Filter specific row from one data table to other data table

I am using Windows Application. I have two data tables called "dt1" and "dt2".

In "dt1" i have some rows like

ID Name Group
1  A1    G1
2  A2    G1
2  A2    G2
3  A3    G2
3  A3    G1
4  A4    G2
5  A5    G2 

AND In second table "dt2",

1  A1
2  A2
3  A3
4  A4
5  A5
6  A6

Now i want rows of "dt2" from filtered row "dt1" say id - 1,2 which is also present in "dt2".

So basically i want rows for one data table from other data table which is filtered.

Can any one give some idea how to get this?


The most efficient and easiest would be to use Linq-To-DataSet and join both tables:

Dim result = From r1 In dt1.AsEnumerable()
             Join r2 In dt2.AsEnumerable()
             On r1.Field(Of Int32)("ID") Equals r2.Field(Of Int32)("ID")
             Select r2

If you want the result, what is an IEnumerable(Of DataRow), as DataTable:

Dim tblResult = result.CopyToDataTable()

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