Cucumber feature showing error “No Route Matches”

I have a feature file like this

Feature: search for movies by director

As a movie buff
So that I can find movies with my favorite director
I want to include and serach on director information in movies I enter

Background: movies in database

Given the following movies exist:
| title        | rating | director     | release_date |
| Star Wars    | PG     | George Lucas |   1977-05-25 |
| Blade Runner | PG     | Ridley Scott |   1982-06-25 |
| Alien        | R      |              |   1979-05-25 |
| THX-1138     | R      | George Lucas |   1971-03-11 |

Scenario: add director to existing movie
When I go to the edit page for "Alien"
And  I fill in "Director" with "Ridley Scott"
And  I press "Update Movie Info"
Then the director of "Alien" should be "Ridley Scott"

Now I have a step definition like this which passes the Given the following movies exist: case.

Given /the following movies exist/ do |movies_table|
  movies_table.hashes.each do |movie|


But when cucumber runs the step When I go to the edit page for "Alien" it throws this error

No route matches {:action=>"edit", :controller=>"movies"} (ActionController::RoutingError) ./features/support/paths.rb:20:in `path_to'

My paths.rb has this Case in path_to

when /^the edit page for (.*)/
  m = Movie.find_by_title($1)

I checked that m is coming nil, but in the background i added four of the movies to the db. I have also checked 'rake routes' but all routes are present.

Please help me understand, I am very new to rails and cucumber. Thanks


double quote is missing around (.*) the

when /^the edit page for (.*)/

should be

when /^the edit page for "(.*)"/

Explanation: Assuming that your websteps.rb is containing

When /^(?:|I )go to (.+)$/ do |page_name|
  visit path_to(page_name)

It means first it will get the url by calling path_to('the edit page for "Alien"'). Hence the case you are handing in path_to function should extract out the name Alien only. As the double quotes are missing, the $1 is containing "Alien" instead of only Alien. And the find_by_title is actually looking for a movie like below

m = Movie.find_by_title('"Alien"') # Doesn't exist for sure ;)

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