html5 local database access with selenium

I been asked to make a selenium test that checks the local database of html5 and verify that the information in there matches what's being displayed on the screen. This is for a mobile application that can be used on chrome I have everything working as far as selenium working with chrome.Now I am just stuck on trying to find a method that can be used for with selenium that will access the local database storage. There's a interface in selenium html5 packages that DatabaseStorage however I can not figure out how that works or how to use it. The test cases are being written in Java. Thank you all for any help you can provide on this.

I have tried to create a new object of the database storage. which dident work i tried creating a new object of result set also tried doing implements database storage. in the API for database storage it says it a interface but it dose not list a constructor. i not sure how to access a method when there's no constructor for the interface.


 // Database Storage
    private ResultSet executeQuery(String statement, String... param) {

      String databaseName = "'HTML5', '1.0'," 
         +" 'Offline document storage', 100*1024";

      return ((DatabaseStorage) driver).executeSQL(databaseName, statement, (Object[]) param);

see Selenium's HTML5 test for more details.

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