Design Pattern for constructing Enums through reflection

I am facing the following situations:

  • Database entries are converted to Enums
  • These entries are not the same as the Enum constants

For instance I have an entry:

Apple cake which should be mapped to the enum APPLE_CAKE

Hence, this involves character replacements, etc. before I can make the invocation to valueOf. Since I am mapping the database entities to Java objects I do it through reflections.

If an enum field is found and the database value is read I need to invoke the appropriate constructor. My current solution is to use a marker interface Entity where I have documented to implement a custom static method fromString(String).

What I don't like about this idea is that the implementer is not forced to implement the static method. So I was thinking, isn't there a fitting creational pattern which could be applied in such a situation?


The best pattern for specifing an interface for instance creation is the Abstract Factory Pattern

Make an extra interface called EntityFactory or similar. Implement a concrete factory for each Entity type. Use these factory instances to create the Entity instances.

public interface EntityFactory<T extends Entity>
    T create(String str);

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