Where to put Symfony2 custom parameters I need?

I need to have some configuration for my bundle in Symfony2 Where is the best place to put them? and how can I retrieve them from there?

I used my Default DB parameters in PARAMETERS.INI But I need Extra ones that I can retrieve them personally in code.


One should keep his parameters inside the bundles, for instance src/Company/SomeBundle/Resources/config/parameters.yml

Need Your Help

Where is file needed for PDFTOTEXT output in UTF-8 format?

utf-8 pdftotext

I want to use the XPDF-based PDFTOTEXT command-line tool to look at PDF files, hoping to get UTF-8 output. I have seen others on StackOverflow getting it -- questions 4039930, 3809761 and 13618330 ...

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