Error code 19 on SlqiliteDatabase.Insert();

I'm having a hard time finding a bug here, I have to ask for a help.

I'm creating ContentValues and inserting them using this simple method:

public long insertValues(String tableName, ContentValues values) {      
    return SQLDb.insert(tableName, null, values);   

Method sure works, I used it many times to insert values to other tables, having problem with only one table which structure is presented on the picture below:

Method fails as it returns id -1. I did contentValues.toString() before and got this:

repeatability=monthly value=1800.0 category_id=17 _id=1 kind=inc name=ECCO

Important notes:

  • Table is empty in the moment of inserting

What am i missing here?


The problem is probably in some field in the table that has the NOT NULL constraint.

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