Prevent Hyperlinks to Bad Domains

I have a forum, user's can post comments, they can also enable/disable and approve comments; however, I can't always trust users will disapprove comments linking to bad domains. Like these:

My question is two part:

  1. If a user does hyperlink to a 'bad domain' like those in the link above, will my forum/forum-category/forum-category-thread be penalised by it, and even if so if I add no-follow to the forum thread's links?

  2. Is there a free API service out there, that I can make a request to to get a list of bad domains, so I can then filter them out of users' posts?

I maybe being paranoid, but it's probably because I'm not too SEO savvy.


The actual algorithms aren't public, but this is what I found looking around the 'net.

1) Google's Web master Guidelines says that it may lower ranking for sites that participate in link schemes. As an example of a link scheme, they give "Links to web spammers or bad neighborhoods on the web". NoFollow may or may not have impact on it, but the consensus seems to be that it doesn't.

2) You can use either of Google's two safe browsing APIs to check if sites have been found to be phishing and/or malware sites.

If your website linking to bad domains, that will definitely harm your website but again; it is depending upon outgoing links ratio.

I strongly recommend recruit forum moderator from active members who can manually moderate forum post and will help you to save from spamming.

I am not sure but many forums allow various restriction like: - Only members having number of post can keep link in forum reply - Only specified months/days old member can share links - Only particular number of links are allowed in forum post.

Kindly check for such facilities that can help you to restrict the users.

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