Where can I learn about programming a serial/terminal interface?

I have a project I'm going to be doing on a microcontroller. I plan on having it interface with my computer over a USB serial connection. I tried doing the basic tests like putc(getc()), but I'm having trouble getting it to behave as I expect.

With that simple hardware-echo thing, many things just don't work. When I push enter, I just get a carriage return. Backspace does nothing. CTRL-C for breaking doesn't work either.

I'm using GNU Screen as my terminal emulator. How do I learn how to handle all of this(along with stty settings) so I can make a useful command interface on my microcontroller?


You will need to know what terminal type your Screen terminal is emulating so that you know what codes to send out the serial port. For example, if you set your terminal to VT100, you can check out this link which provides some VT100 codes

And for gnu-screen you might want to check this out as it contains an exhaustive list of ESC and control strings/commands that you can use.

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