Installed but it won't work

I just installed on my Mac but it won't work properly. I finished the installation and the app icon is on the menu bar and it says it is listening on port 5432, however, that is what happens if I try to run it from the command-line:

~ $ psql
zsh: correct 'psql' to 'sl' [nyae]? n
zsh: command not found: psql

I had previously installed PostgreSQL via Homebrew but removed it before installing I am running Mac OS X Lion.

I appreciate any help, I really want to have PostgreSQL running on my machine.


The psql binary for is inside the application bundle and you'll have to add the appropriate directory to your PATH. From the fine manual:

Command-Line Tools


PostgreSQL ships with a constellation of useful binaries, like pg_dump or pg_restore, that you will likely want to use. Go ahead and add the /bin directory that ships with to your PATH (preferably in .profile, .bashrc, .zshrc, or the like to make sure this gets set for every Terminal session):


So adjust your PATH setting in your zsh config files to include the Contents/MacOS/bin directory inside your bundle.

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