What will be the Java Script Function To implement sliding animation on a <div> on MouseOver Event

i have following images

     <img src="leftarrow.png"/></br>
     <img src="insert.png"/></br>
    <img src="edit.png"/></br> 
    <img src="delete.png"/></br>

Now what i want is that if a user brings mouse pointer over the image named "leftarrow" a vertical bar should slide in (which should be invisible previously) containing rest of the images i.e "insert", "edit" and "delete" like we have toolbox in Visual Studio etc thanks in advance :)


This is what I used in my webiste I had to do for IPT: JQuery Effects from W3Schools. This site has "try it yourself" where you can fiddle with the code and get to know and understand the workings of this jquery effect better. In order for it to work, you will need to either download or link to the jquery file (http://www.w3schools.com/jquery/jquery.js)

you can use the slideXX() (where XX = direction) and use the 'speed' parameter to animate it. to your liking.

UPDATE: If you want to make something grow/shrink, you can use the same jquery file, but a different command (specifically either the animate or the toggle commands)

the syntax is: $(selector).animate({params},duration,easing,callback); for the hide/show commands, the syntax is $(selector).toggle(speed_in_milliseconds); EDIT: oh, and I almost forgot: use the hide command to hide the buttons on page load

Further information for this can also be found at jquery effects - w3schools.

Hope it helps! If not, just comment and I will see what else can be done

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