Mongo - JS - How to convert a BSON/JSON object to XML

While using JS scripting with the mongo-shell API, how do I convert a JSON/BSON object into a XML string.

I would probably write the XML string to a file.


I grabbed the json2xml.js from here:

Then I saved it to the same folder as my mongo shell binary for convenience (so I didn't have to specify the full path. Here are the results:

> load("json2xml.js")
>{"_id" : 123, foo : 1, x : "example"})
{ "_id" : 123, "foo" : 1, "x" : "example" }
> json2xml(

Now, you may need to extend this to deal with non-JSON types in MongoDB (see the BSON Specification page for details), but the basics are there.

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