Can i copy paste the entire code folder in SVN repository

I am building a website and my public_html is under SVN. Now i dont know much about SVN.

This weekend i copied the whole site to my windows computer and i made few changes to site.

I have made changes under SRC directory.

Now can i just copy paste that whole folder in main webiste SRC folder. As that folder is shared on my windows XP , i can just replace that. Or i can remove the old one and replace with this new one.

I just don't want to break the SVN . which method is safe , so that other coders on diff folders don't get affected


Best way is to commit / ci your changes instead of deleting the ones on repository.

Next time you MOVE files, use SVN MOVE command . Also, you might consider updating to Git?

Here is a link to SVN commands for you to get started :)

As long as you do not touch the .svn folder(s) you should be fine. Copying another file with the same name is just like editing it. Once you copied the files, you can commit your changes.

However: If other people may have made changes, then make sure that you copy your files BEFORE updating from the repository (then the update will try to merge with your changes)! If you copy your files onto the already updates files, you will overwrite the other peoples changes - effectively undoing them (but you will not notice, because you can commit).

The "SVN Way" is do a commit (svn commit) of the SRC directory from your Windows computer and then do an update (svn update) in the SRC directory inside the server *public_html* directory.

When you copied the SRC directory you cloned the working copy. You can just used them both as normal working copies and use the repository to sync them.

If you copy & paste you should delete all .svn files and folder in public_html and subdirectories.

...or you could install an SVN client on the server and run "svn update" (you may want to restrict the .svn files & folders from being accessed by the general public)

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