Calling base constructor after body of current constructor

I am customizing one of the code generating templates for my Telerik OpenAccess ORM library. Due to business rules, I am having to put my user name and password to connect to the database in a config file as an encrypted string. I don't have the authority over this requirement and as such I cannot avoid it.

What I have done is create a singleton class that provides the decrypted credentials and modified the code generation template to use it. Here is part of the template I am modifying:

public <#= contextClass.Name #>()
        :base(connectionStringName, backend, metadataSource)
    Credentials credentials = Credentials.Instance;
    string connectionString = String.Format("DATA SOURCE={0};PASSWORD={1};PERSIST SECURITY INFO=True;USER ID={2}", 


public <#= contextClass.Name #>(string connection)
    :base(connection, backend, metadataSource)
{ }

public <#= contextClass.Name #>(BackendConfiguration backendConfiguration)
    :base(connectionStringName, backendConfiguration, metadataSource)
{ }

//More constructors.....

All of the templates generate constructors with no code inside the body. What I want is to create my connection string and then use that for the constructor of the base class (OpenAccessContext). I would like this to be my default constructor as you can tell by the parameterless constructor I modified -- public <#= contextClass.Name #>()

What has me stumped is how to create this string and then use it in the constructor of my base class. Any ideas?


You can't call base(...) at the end of your constructor, but you should be able to do something like this: (note that the method must be static)

static string GetConnString() { /* insert credentials and conn string code here */ }

public <#= contextClass.Name #>()
    :base(GetConnString(), ...

Or if I'm misunderstanding your question, maybe this is what you need?

public <#= contextClass.Name #>(string connection)
{ /* handle connection */ }

public <#= contextClass.Name #>(BackendConfiguration backendConfiguration)
{ /* handle backendConfiguration */ }

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