Custom url in ruby on rails

I know rails uses the controller action style urls like for example I would like to have a url like this on my rails app, is this possible and if so how would I go about this?


You just use a get outside of any resources or namespace block in your routes.rb file:

get 'my_page_here ', :to => 'home#index'

Assuming you are using Rails 3+, do NOT use match. It can be dangerous, because if a page accepts data from a form, it should take POST requests. match would allow GET requests on an action with side-effects - which is NOT good.

Always use get, put, post or these variants where possible.

To get a path helper, try:

get 'my_page_here ', :to => 'home#index', :as => :my_page

That way, in your views, my_page_path will equal http://{domain}/my_page_here

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