Django always capitalizes a model's verbose name in admin index page

There's a similar question concerning a field's verbose_name: How to stop auto-capitalization of verbose_name in django

When listing available models of an app in the admin index page, Django always capitalizes the first letter of the model's verbose_name_plural and use it as the model's name.

Here's the code from

model_dict = {
    'name': capfirst(model._meta.verbose_name_plural),
    'perms': perms,

But consider the following screenshot, I want to display "vCenters" instead of "VCenters".

I can remove the capfirst, and explicitly capitalize other models' verbose_name_plural to make it work.

But I have to change django's source code and it doesn't seem to be a bug of Django. Are there any better solutions?


It's not that easy ....

  • Make a copy of the admin/index.html template to your template/admin/index.html
  • Create your own template filter: lowerfirst_if_starts_with_v in your own templatetags/ directory


def lowerfirst_if_starts_with_v(value):
    """Lowercase the first character of the value."""
    return value and value[0] =='v' and value[0].lower() + value[1:]
  • Load it in the index.html


{%load my_special_thing%}
  • Apply it to index.html on line 23


<th scope="row"><a href="{{ model.admin_url }}"> \
{{|lowerfirst_if_starts_with_v }}</a></th>

and done

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