Java String Comparison with html tags

I have two Strings as follow:

String input="<tr><td>Hello world</td></tr>";
String output="<body><tr><td>Hello world</td></tr></body>";

I want to compare the two strings and need to remove the <body></body> tags from the output string if the input string doesn't contain <body> tag. The string may be of any length.

How to compare and replace the output string based on input string? <body> tag may be anything like <body ></body > or < body>< /body>,etc.

Need to find the tag and replace it based on input string.


static String[] combinations = new String[] {
    "<body>","</body>","< body>","< /body>","<body >"

for (int i = 0; i < combinations.length; i++) {
    if (!input.contains(combinations[i])) {  
        output = output.replace(combinations[i], "");    

 String resultingOutput = "";
 if( !(input.contains("<body>")) && !(input.contains("</body>")) ){
      resultingOutput = output.replace("<body>", "").replace("</body>","");

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