How to mount a Amazon S3 bucket by using FUSE - S3FS

This is driving me up the wall. I am still a little new to Linux but i do understand how to do most of day to day stuff I need to do. What I am trying to do is mount a Amazon S3 bucket to a mount point on my server.

I running Ubuntu server 12.04, it is fully up to date. I followed this guided,

In how to install FUSE & S3FS on my server. But it just says it can not 'establish security credentials'. I have use a psswd_s3fs file within in the etc and have tried a .passwd_s3fs file within the home folder(/home/USERNAME - that is where I put it). These files do have the access key ID and the secret access key (ID:ACESSKEY) <- format used.

If I changed the chmod on either file, form 600 to say 777, it reports back that this is wrong it needs to have no other permissions. So I know its using the files.

So what I am doing wrong?

Also made a new user, the access details I have been using are for the default user login, but it would not take them either. Not sure how to asign that user to a selected bucket or do I have to do it some other way?

Please help?


What wanted to know is if the detail I got from Amazon are right, so I downloaded TntDrive to test it in windows and there was no problems. Mounted my drive without any issues....


try this link and also remember that :- The credentials files may not have lax permissions as this creates a security hole. ie. ~/.passwd-s3fs may not have others/group permissions and /etc/passwd-s3fs may not have others permissions. Set permissions on these files accordingly:

% chmod 600 ~/.passwd-s3fs % sudo chmod 640 /etc/passwd-s3fs

it should work, its working for me.

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