.net MVC Areas and subfolders

I am using Areas in my project but I would like to organise my views within these areas into sub folders.

For example, I have an area called Members which contains a Controller called Settings and another Controller called MemberCategory. MemberCategory is in effect a subfolder of Settings.

I would like when I access the Member Category view for my url to resolve to Members/Settings/MemberCategory

At present it resolves to Members/MemberCategory

Is it possible to nest the views into subfolders and change the controller to point to

return View("Members/Settings/MemberCategory");

Or do this need to done with routing?

Any examples would be appreciated.


I have resolved this problem with Routes and not nesting the views into subfolders.

In my Area Registration file I have added the following above the default route:

        new { controller = "MemberCategory", action = "Index" }

        new { controller = "MemberCategory", action = "Index", id = UrlParameter.Optional }

Not sure if this is the most elegant way of doing this but it works in my case.

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