Is it available to use UIBackgroundModes and bluetooth-central to send a meesage who is in close area?

I want to create an Application that will send a message or pop up an alert when an people is using a same Iphone Application. And the requirement is , it also need to pop up an alert even it is in background or in sleep mode. I found an function named UIBackgroundModes and bluetooth-central that will allow to move bluetooth in background. Somebody help me and i will also be happy if there is sample code.


Not while app is in background mode. For background mode, you will have to fallback to push notification.

Excerpt from Apple Docs:

Peer-to-Peer Connectivity Provides Local Wireless and Bluetooth Networking

Peer-to-peer connectivity allows your game to create an ad-hoc Bluetooth or local wireless network between multiple iOS-based devices. Although designed with games in mind, this network is useful for any type of data exchange among users of your application. For example, an application could use peer-to-peer connectivity to share electronic business cards or other data.

Peer-to-peer connectivity is provided in iOS 3.0 and later.

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