JavaScript removing trailing white-space and periods from string

I am attempting to remove all trailing white-space and periods from a string so that if I took either of the following examples:

var string = "  ..  bob is a string .";


var string = " .  bob is a string . ..";

They would end up as:

"bob is a string"

I know diddly squat about regex but I found a function to remove trailing white-space here:

str.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, "");

I tried modifying to include periods however it still only removes trailing white-space characters:

str.replace(/^[\s+\.]|[\s+\.]$/g, "");

Can anyone tell me how this is done and perhaps explain the regular expression used to me?


Your regex is almost right, you just need to put the quantifier (+) outside of the character class ([]):

var str = " .  bob is a string . ..";
str.replace(/^[.\s]+|[.\s]+$/g, "");
//"bob is a string"

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