Fetch COUNT(column) as an integer in a query with group by in Rails 3

I have 2 models Category and Article related like this:

class Category < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :articles

class Article < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :category

  def self.count_articles_per_category
    select('category_id, COUNT(*) AS total').group(:category_id)

I'm accessing count_articles_per_category like this


which will return articles that have 2 columns: category_id and total.

My problem is that total column is a string. So the question is: is there a method to fetch that column as an integer?

PS: I tried to do a cast in the database for COUNT(*) and that doesn't help. I try to avoid doing something like this:

articles = Article.count_articles_per_category
articles.map do |article|
  article.total = article.total.to_i


No, there is no support in ActiveRecord to automatically cast datatypes (which are always transferred as strings to the database).

The way ActiveRecord works when retrieving items is:

  • for each attribute in the ActiveRecord model, check the column type, and cast the data to that type.
  • for extra columns, it does not know what data type it should cast it to.

Extra columns includes columns from other tables, or expressions.

You can use a different query, like:

Article.count(:group => :category_id)

These return a hash of :category_id => count. So you might get something like {6=>2, 4=>2, 5=>1, 2=>1, 9=>1, 1=>1, 3=>1}.

Using the count method works because it implicitly lets ActiveRecord know that it is an integer type.

Article.group(:category_id).count might give you something you can use. This will return a hash where each key represents the category_id and each value represents the corresponding count as an integer.

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