jquery mobile listview refresh same list lose style

I'm trying to update the content of a ul list passing from a list to another one. The 1st list is generated from a search form wich calls a ajax request. It's styled correctly. For the second list i use empty() on the list and get the parameter to search (via ajax) from the 1st list as a link attribute

$('.myLink').live("vclick", function() {
    var param= $(this).attr('id');

The feature is working. But the 2nd list doesn't have the jquery mobile style.

On pageshow I'm refreshing the list


but pageshow triggers only when I generate the 1st list, not the second one (which is in the same ul as the 1st).

I tried pageinit, pagecreate, pagechange and pageshow but none of them triggers when I update the list.


Refresh the list just after you've updated it's HTML. Something like:

$("#listID").append($("<li />").text("Some Text")).listview("refresh");

Here is a demo: http://jsfiddle.net/R98La/

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