How can a DBMS_JOB mark itself as broken?

I want to run an update on a large list of rows in batches of 1000 rows. When putting the update statement inside some periodically executed DBMS_JOB is there a way for the job to suspend itself after the number of affected rows becomes zero?

Can a job find out its own job ID so it can call DBMS_JOB.Broken()?


select JOB from all_jobs
where what like '%YOUR_JOB_PROCEDURE%';

Also, I recommend to use DBMS_SCHEDULER instead of DBMS_JOB, if it is also available in your Oracle version

JOB ID is JOB column:

select * from dba_jobs

Current running jobs:

select dbr.sid, s.serial#, s.username, dbj.* 
from dba_jobs_running dbr, dba_jobs dbj , v$session s 
where dbr.job=dbj.job and s.sid=dbr.sid;

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