PHP how to start a secure session

currently i am starting a session as follows:

if ($hasher->CheckPassword($password, $hash)) { //$hash is the hash retrieved from the DB 
        $what = 'Authentication succeeded';
         header('Location: securedpage1.php');
    } else {
        $what = 'Authentication failed';
        echo "Incorrect Password";
        include 'login.php';


as you can see i am wondering if $_SESSION['username']=$_POST['username']; is the best way to start a session or if there are better practices

Thank you for any responses!


You could roll your own session handler using a database as the storage point rather than the filesystem. This has several security advantages, as on a shared host, for instance, session data stored in the filesystem could be compromised. As I mentioned in my comment, you could also store the "source" IP address in this way and tie it to the session, and invalidate any sessions accessed from an IP other than the original one.

This article explains in great detail:

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