blank=False,null=False not working in models code Django

class Url(models.Model):

This is my models code....and when i make an object with no arguments..the object is created and is saved to the DB even after writing blank=False,null=False and the URL is also not checked for existence.If i supply it a dead link, it works but it shouldn't!

What is the problem with my code?

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  1. As you've seen, django does not validate model on save() by default, but your database should've thrown an error when inserting NULL value, I would check the schema to be sure.
  2. Use URLValidator

So i got it working by modifying my 'url' to url=models.URLField(verify_exists=True,max_length=200,default=None,blank=False,unique=True) and validating it by object.clean_fields().

If you don't use valid values or empty values it throws errors like this

ValidationError: {'url': [u'This URL appears to be a broken link.'] }

ValidationError: {'url': [u'This field cannot be blank.'] }

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