A system for creating a URL based API to a dataset?

I would like to create a web service where by I allow users to query a dataset (hosted on some server) through a URL.

A user would use a URL like:


In order to get the data.

What is the simplest (free, open-source) system to setup for creating such a service? (PHP+MySQL is probably preferred)




$year_start = $_GET['yearstart'];
$year_end = $_GET['yearend'];
$data_type = $_GET['datatype'];
$topic = "" $_GET['topic'];

here fetch return value from db, file system, intergalatic source, divine logic..
$return = "fetched from above";

echo json_encode($return);

NOTE: remember to escape all data that you get from the URL/any other source of user input before acting on it

UPDATE: Basically what you will need to do is something like:

  • Fetch all the parameters required by your web service (In your case it will come through the URL)
  • Sanitize/Validate the parameters (If there are errors, show it immediately and terminate)
  • Once you are sure all the data passed to the service is good, act upon it (Usually this means some DB queries/calculations etc)
  • After the action step is done, prepare the data in a format that is understandable to the web service client (For starters, I would assume just XML or JSON, later on you could try advanced protocols like SOAP - remember SOAP is just XML, in a standard that supports the SOAP protocol, that's all)
  • I have added a link below which shows a simple example of generating XML/JSON as a web service response (It is difficult to explain the whole thing in this answer)
  • Once you have the response ready, echo it out to the web service client.

Check out this link which shows a basic and easy example of creating a simple web service using PHP/MySQL:


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