Refactoring Rails Routes to still pass testing

I can't get this to pass:

  %w[home help about contact].each do |page|
    get :controller => 'static_pages', :action => page

I was trying to refactor this code:

  get 'static_pages/home'
  get 'static_pages/help'
  get 'static_pages/about'
  get 'static_pages/contact'

Please help.


static_pages = %w(home help about contact).map {|p| p.to_sym}

resources :static_pages, only: static_pages do
  static_pages.each do |page|
    get page, on: :collection


$ rake routes
   home_static_pages GET /static_pages/home(.:format)       static_pages#home
   help_static_pages GET /static_pages/help(.:format)       static_pages#help
   about_static_pages GET /static_pages/about(.:format)     static_pages#about
   contact_static_pages GET /static_pages/contact(.:format) static_pages#contact

use only: static_pages to not generate CRUD routes.

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