How to use CSS to increase the contrast on visited hyperlinks?

I am using a browser custom-CSS for changing the color visited hyperlinks to magenta, just to be able to see what I clicked or not.

The problem is that in some cases the contrast is too bad for this and I do want to add some kind of glowing around the text from the CSS, just to be able to improve the contrast.

I tried to follow some guides I found online for adding this but I seen no effect on my test pages.

text-shadow: 2px 2px 3px red !important;

Note: I tried this only on Safari and Chrome (OS X).


After some research, I've found out that this is actually intended behaviour, due to privacy limitations. You may style:

  • Color
  • Background-color
  • Border-color
  • Outline color

Here's an article on the subject:

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