Which are suitable local database (easy to handle with C++) for a small data set

The computer has already been installed ORACLE. But I didn't try ORACLE before, I just use sqlite...So, for now I want to create a database locally, and just insert one table. I want to use a test C++ program to read and write in this database. Is there something useful for using API about this? BTW, in the computer I saw SQL plus and SQL developer, but I didn't find the DBCA, which I know can be used to create table...help me, thanks a lot!!

BTW, my supervisor wants to me to test different kinds of database, which will be written in my report. So I want to test different kinds of databases, for the data is quite small, just 100 lines in a table is enough, but it will be applied in a big program, so I need to try different kinds of database locally, and not difficult for me to use C++ API...Because I just know little about database. I need some suggestions, thank a lot!


While I wouldn't recommend Oracle for handling small data sets, I do have a pointer to C++ API documentation.


... and scroll to the bottom of the page for links to further information.

There's a choice of either using C++ with Oracle OCI API, or using C++ with Oracle Pro*C precompiler. The precompiler actually does produce code that uses the OCI API.

I have done some work with the Pro*C precompiler (using C as the implementation language, though, not C++), and it wasn't too bad. OCI tends to be quite low-level, but apparently writing direct OCI code has its uses, too.

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