How can I convert a swing JTextField component in to an object of a type that extends it

I have an application using a third party package that has a factory that returns to me JTextField objects that are then added to a GUI. This makes up about 10% of the JTextFields used.

I can't change the third party package but have a requirement to add right click (cut, copy and paste) options in to all ofthe fields.

Now I have a RightClickTextField that extends JTextField and has all the functionality built in to it, this serves to solve my issue for 90% of the application.

However for the 10% that's using the third party package to get JTextFields I cannot think of a solution that will allow me to declare the fields as RightClickTextFields yet use the factory I have to get back the Boxes. I know I cannot cast the result as the objects returned are not of a type that high up in the hierarchy, and a copy constructor won't work since I cannot copy every property being set by the factory, but I don't know of a way to upcast the JTextField in to my type. Is there one?


Rather than subclassing or trying to cast it, can you put your right-click functionality into its own class which implements the MouseInputListener interface, and simply add an instance of your right-click handler to the JTextField objects in question?

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