perl library path

I need to retrieve the path where the perl libraries Statistics and Distributions are located. The path is necessary to run the script. I'm on a computer cluster. Can anyone help me?



This answer assumes that the module is in fact installed, but not in a place that perl is looking for.

Generally, the Perl module Statistics::Distributions will be contained in a file called Statistics/ On Linux and similar systems, one can search for these files quickly with the locate command:

locate Statistics/

If it is installed, locate will spit out a line similar to


You can then instruct the perl interpreter to look in this path, too, in various ways. One is to define the environment variable PERL5LIB, i.e. from bash:

prompt> PERL5LIB=/opt/my_perl/lib/ ./

Or you can use the perl -I switch:

prompt> perl -I/opt/my_perl/lib/ ./

Or you can modify the script to use lib; there is more than one way to do it ;-)

If you mean you need the path of a module you're using in a program, that's stored in %INC:

$ perl -MLWP::Simple -le 'print $INC{"LWP/"}'

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