Is there any way to edit all classes in a folder to inherit from certain base class?

I have 60 or so classes in a folder and I created a base class for those classes to inherit from.

Is there any automatic way to do this other than copy&paste method in Visual Studio?

I hoped resharper has some functionality for that but can't find one.


You can automate the cut/paste process by using the search and replace feature of Visual Studio to find all declarations, and replace them with declarations that inherit from your base class.

  • Press [Ctrl+H] to open Quick Replace
  • Enter public class {:i} in the "Find what" box
  • Enter public class \1 : MyBaseClass in the "Replace with:" box
  • Choose "Current Project" in the "Look in:" box
  • Check the "Use:" checkbox, and pick "Regular expressions" in the dropdown

Keep clicking [Find Next] to find the next occurrence of a class declaration. If the search highlights one of the sixty declarations that you want to modify, click [Replace], otherwise keep clicking [Find Next].

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