SVK synk and scheduled task

I'm trying to automate a SVK sync process. After configuring SVK mirrors, I wrote a batch file with the following

svk sync -a >> svk.log &2>1

then I add a Windows Scheduled task running under my administrative account.

in svk.log I read

The getpwuid function is unimplemented at C:\Programmi\svk\bin\svk line 142.

Any hint?

p.s. I'm able to run svn sync -a from the command line (same user)


When I posted my question, I did not know that

  1. under Windows Scheduler the HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH aren't initialized (
  2. The getpwuid function is not available in Windows ports of Perl (

Having the above, I modified /bin/svk file by changing

$ENV{HOME} ||= (
    $ENV{HOMEDRIVE} ? catdir(@ENV{qw( HOMEDRIVE HOMEPATH )}) : ''
) || (getpwuid($<))[7];
$ENV{USER} ||= (
    (defined &Win32::LoginName) ? Win32::LoginName() : ''
) || $ENV{USERNAME} || (getpwuid($<))[0];


$ENV{HOME} ||= (
                      ($ENV{USERPROFILE} ? $ENV{USERPROFILE} : '')
$ENV{USER} ||= (
    (defined &Win32::LoginName) ? Win32::LoginName() : ''

and now I'm able to run my batch calling svk as a Windows scheduled task

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