Downloading every Spring library with maven

Must I define every single spring library one by one in my pom.xml , or is there somekind of multipack?

I found out that, for example, when I let maven download spring-core, it also downloaded spring-asm.

Are there more such packs or similar shortcuts....?


There is a possible duplicate here: Maven - include all submodules of a pom as dependencies in another module

The short answer is no. The long answer is even if you could it would not be a good idea.

Spring used to offer a bundle groupId=org.springframework artifactId=spring and groupId=org.springframework artifactId=spring-all. For various reasons (I can't find the link) Spring decided this was a bad practice and I tend to agree.

The best thing to do is if your really want to include all the spring submodules is to use parent poms and a property to denote the version ... eg:

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

..skip some lines


You'll have to read about parent poms here: (or just google).

The other option is to make your own dummy project with all spring dependencies and depend on that.

That being said I really recommend you explicitly choose your dependecies as it can really help modularize/decouple/refactor your project in the future.

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