Getting started with builds for webapps

I work with LAMP, git, and OSX on a small team. We build websites and webapps. I'm very interested in learning about builds, continuous integration, unit testing, minifying JS/CSS, deployments, and automation - but don't know where to start!

It feels like one of those learned-through-osmosis-things with a high barrier of entry that can only be circumvented by the luxury of a large team that "knows what it's doing already".

Where's a good place to start? I'm interested in:

  • Specific Tools & Programs
  • Lynda Courses/Videos/Podcasts/ect
  • Books


A book well worth reading, that will outline the different processes and models important to think about is "Continuous Delivery", from the Martin Fowler Signature Series:

Continuous Delivery - Martin Fowler signature series

It will cover all the "theory" and is seriously enlightening, before you get bogged down with getting going with it.

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