c++ deducing a function pointer type

Is it possible to deduce a non-type function pointer type template argument (function pointer) from a function argument?

template <void(*fptr)()>
  void test(void(*fp)()) { fp(); }

to call this function I must explicitly declare the function template parameter:


I know I could also do it this way:

template <void(*fptr)()>
  void test() { fp(); }


But I am just wondering if It is possible to do this way:

template <void(*fptr)()>
  void test() { fp(); }


Is it possible to declare in such a way that the compilier (GCC 4.7) will deduce from the function arguments?

Thanks alot in advance, been really wondering how to do this. -Bryan


Bryan, that seems to be quite eccentric mix of low-level C and C++. Why do you need that? Why not to use functors?

struct clean
    void operator() () 
        // do something here        

template <typename FuncType> void call_func(FuncType func)

// here is how to pass 'clean' to be called

More on functors, for example, here: http://www.cprogramming.com/tutorial/functors-function-objects-in-c++.html

Is it possible to deduce a non-type template argument (function pointer) from a function argument?

No. Function arguments are runtime entities, and template arguments are compile-time entities. To be deduced, such a template argument would have to be deduced at runtime, which is just not possible.

I this this may do what you want:

Declare a base template which doesn't have a function type yet:

template <typename T> void test(T fp) { printf("function signature not supported\n"); }

Specialise for function types (mostly number of arguments):

typedef void(fptr0)();
template <> void test(fptr0 fp) { fp(); }
typedef void(fptr1)(int);
template <> void test(fptr1 fp) { fp(1); }

Declare some test functions with different signatures:

void myfn0() { printf("hi 0\n"); }
void myfn1(int x) { printf("hi 1:%i\n",x); }
void myfnD(float y) { printf("hi D %f\n",y); }

Now execute them:

int main(int,char**) {
   return 0;


hi 0
hi 1:1
function signature not supported

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