file input type being used to select a file and then move the data to a form with the approperiate file input tag

I have an iframe which will have an input tag that allows you to browse for the file you are wanting to upload.

What i was then doing was creating a new input type = "file" tag in my hidden form data which would be populated with the src of the file.

At the end of everything there is a button the users can use to submit the actual form.

The submitted form, will have the file, but it would be empty. I was thinking there might be some underlying event going on that i didnt know about. When reading up on it, i also had noticed that if the source is wrong, it will just send an empty file.

How is this done correct?

Update: When looking at the data,the dom element input:file has an attribute called files which is the attribute i want to move to the new item. My fiddle is:

I cant seem to get new data to move over from the old input to the new input.

Edit: I was thinking that jQuery might be able to maintain data by copying the whole object. via the $(this).clone() command, but that was not working either.


Editing the file form field is a security risk and thus is disabled on most browsers.

See Clone a file input element in Javascript

In your scenario, I believe you could create two forms (one in the iframe) and submit both on the button request.

See Submit two forms with one button

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