R Selecting columns of a data frame based on a vector

I have an example data frame as shown below.

> x=data.frame(id=1:5,c1=letters[1:5],c2=letters[13:17])
> x
  id c1 c2
1  1  a  m
2  2  b  n
3  3  c  o
4  4  d  p
5  5  e  q

I want to create a vector out of this data frame which selects a different column for each row based on another vector. So if that vector is

> vars
[1] 1 2 2 1 1 

I want for the 1st row in x, column 1, for the second row in x, column 2 and so on. So the expected output vector (or data frame) would be if vector

a n o d e

if data frame

id V1
 1  a
 2  n
 3  o
 4  d
 5  e

Any help, much appreciated.


You can 'slice' a data frame using a matrix:



[1] "a" "n" "o" "d" "e"

Let's generalise this by creating a function


Note that there is one column to be ignored at the start, so add 1 to your select vector v



[1] "a" "n" "o" "d" "e"

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