C# ErrorProvider Want to know if any are Active

I want to know if any ErrorProvider are active in my form. being able to find this out might help reduce my code..

I did find this thing here Counting ErrorProvider

but incase someone knows a better way... so here goes.

Ok so basically I have a WinForm which has many TextBoxes Now when user enters values I use Validating to perform validation and if it does not match Regex I set the ErrorProvider ON for that Control.. similarly if the user changes the value to a acceptable one I switch ErrorProvider OFF for that Control..

but when SAVE is clicked i have to do another check anyways incase the user did not listen to me and change the thing like he was supposed to and still clicked SAVE.. I dont want the thing crashing..

soo mm is there like a thing where I could say if ErrorProviders is not active then proceed with save else message box saying change it.


Umm When Validating it only Validates when the Control loses Focus... I kinda of want it to do validation when user stops typing.. I hope you get what I mean

Like Email Address(textbox) when user is typing his/her name in I [DON'T] want it to do validation yet, but when user has finished entering is waiting for ErrorProvider to disappear(But it doesn't coz it only does that when control loses focus) 2 odd seconds after typing can i make the validation take place?


Unfortunately, the ErrorProvider control doesn't provide such functionality. You'd best go with the custom error provider classes from the link you posted.

Otherwise, you could create a method that you would call instead of SetError

int errorCount;
void SetError(Control c, string message)
    if (message == "")
    errorProvider.SetError(c, message);

Or you could make an extension method for the ErrorProvider class that would set the error and increment a counter or something along those lines.

And last but not least, you could iterate through all the controls. Slow, but it works:

bool IsValid()
    foreach (Control c in errorProvider1.ContainerControl.Controls)
        if (errorProvider1.GetError(c) != "")
            return false;
    return true;


I've written a quick extension class for the error provider:

public static class ErrorProviderExtensions
    private static int count;

    public static void SetErrorWithCount(this ErrorProvider ep, Control c, string message)
        if (message == "")
            if (ep.GetError(c) != "")

        ep.SetError(c, message);

    public static bool HasErrors(this ErrorProvider ep)
        return count != 0;

    public static int GetErrorCount(this ErrorProvider ep)
        return count;

I haven't tested it extensively, so you might want to do a bit more validation before calling SetError on your ErrorProvider.

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