GIT: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by checkout

I have two branches one is called master the other is called dev I am currently in the master branch and I want to go to the dev branch to move a file to the development server. however when I perform a

$ git checkout dev

I get the message:

The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by checkout:


I dont want to commit the files to the master, they are not ready to be pushed.


First you'll want to add the files in question so that they're tracked by Git (you don't have to commit any changes, but Git needs to know about the files):

git add pages/memclub/images/subheaders/leadership.png pages/memclub/images/subheaders/male.png 
git add pages/memclub/images/subheaders/marketing.png pages/memclub/images/subheaders/training.png

Then you can stash your changes:

git stash 

When you're ready to start working on the files again, you can use:

git stash pop

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