recursive type parameters in case class fields

OK, so, I get that I can do things like:

trait MyTrait[T <: MyTrait[T]] { self: T =>
  val listOfT: List[T]
  def getFirst: T
  def getOne: T = if (listOfT.length > 0) getFirst else self

class MyClass extends MyTrait[MyClass] {
  override val listOfT: List[MyClass] = List[MyClass](this)
  override def getFirst: MyClass = listOfT.head

and that if I want MyTrait to have a companion object it looks like:

object MyTrait{
  def doSomething[T <: MyTrait[T]](aninstance:T)= { ... }

All that seems ugly and I'd like to see a nicer way, but, right now I'm just trying to figure out, how do I refer to the type from anywhere else? For example:

case class Foo( anInstanceOfMyTrait: MyTrait[what goes here???] )

Or is there a simpler way?


I got this to work:

trait MyTrait[T <: MyTrait[T]] {
  def getFirst = this

class MyClass extends MyTrait[MyClass]

case class Foo[A <: MyTrait[A]](i: MyTrait[A])

object MyTrait {
  def doSomething[T <: MyTrait[T], U[X <: MyTrait[X]] <: MyTrait[X]](t: U[T]) =

val mc = new MyClass
val foo = Foo(mc)

Looking at your comment it seems the actual problem is that in your attempt to parameterize Foo, you referenced MyTrait twice:

case class Foo[A <: MyTrait[A]](i:MyTrait[A])

Try this instead:

case class Foo[A <: MyTrait[A]](i: A)

This mirrors the way MyTrait.doSomething is defined, so that you can pass i to doSomething:

case class Foo[A<:MyTrait[A]](i: A)
val foo = new Foo[MyClass]( new MyClass )
MyTrait.doSomething( foo.i ) // This compiled OK

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