iOS – Event Kit programming listen to notifications

I want to observe changes to the Calendar application so I register for the EKEventStoreChangedNotification notification. But do I need to have an EKEventStore object "alive" for me to receive this notification? I'm thinking I'm initializing the EKEventStore object in on view controller to retrieve some events. And then I will pop this view controller of the navigation stack and the view controller will be deallocated thus the EKEventStore object will be deallocated.


No, you don't need to keep the EKEventStore object alive as you are already registering EKEventStoreChangedNotification using EKEventStore object named eventStore

[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter]addObserver:self selector:@selector(storeChanged:)
                              name:EKEventStoreChangedNotification  object:eventStore];

Refer this for more clearance of your doubt

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