Compiling a Vala source On Windows

I compiled a vala program by using following command:

valac test.vala

Of course am I able to run the program on my computer, but when I am trying to run the .exe file on a different one I get following error:

libglib-***.dll is missing on this computer

This is how my source code looks like:

using GLib;
int main(string[] args)
    bool running = true;
        print("Hello World\n");
    return 0;

The error is pretty clear, but what can I do against it? Thanks in advance.


Along your exe file you will need to install all the libraries you use (glib, gio, etc ...) and their own dependencies (Gtk will require gdk,cairo,pango, and some more).

Edit: take a look at this question on SO, the minimal dependencies are listed.

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