How to make word wrap respect indentation in Visual Studio?

Visual Studio has a word wrap feature, but frustratingly it ignores line indents, making the text hard to read. Other text editors (Notepad++, Sublime Text) simulate the indentation of wrapped lines, making code easier to read

How can I make Visual Studio 2012 wrap lines intelligently? Smartly?

See in Notepad++, 'of beer' is wrapped appearing in line with Console

Where as in Visual Studio, 'bottles of beer' juts out into the indentation, making the code shape hard to read.


Good news: In Visual Studio 2013, word wrap properly respects indents!

However there's a number of remaining issues with it (eg. around the Home/End keys). Please vote at

Alas, it's not possible. Bug to the Visual Studio developers at . Please vote for it!

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